J. Morgan Woodworking is a nationally acclaimed woodworking company. We specialize in fine handcrafted furniture and custom built-in cabinetry, built in a variety of styles from luxurious to modern and rustic designs. With a core value of thoughtful design, superior craftsmanship, and sustainability, Joseph Morgan creates original heirloom quality furniture and cabinetry for every space in his Northern Minnesota workshop.

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Every piece is built using time tested construction and joinery techniques. We also design and build our furniture that will allow the wood to move with seasonal moisture changes. These practices ensures that our furniture will truly last for a lifetime and will be handed down to future generations.



It all starts with thoughtful furniture design. Whether the design focuses on the functionality of the piece or the visual appearance. We feel furniture design is one of the most important aspects of furniture making. Highly figured woods or decorative marquetry can be used to enhance a piece of furniture but they can not be used to make up for a poorly designed furniture. Successful furniture designs can "stand up on their own" as they say. Meaning they will look great no matter what type of wood or wood combinations are used.

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Being responsible in the methods lumber is harvested is of the utmost importance to us. We mill our own lumber from standing dead or storm damages trees from our farm property. We also purchase native lumber from locally and regionally sourced sawmills.