Artist Statement

I am a craftsman, designer and artist. I create stunning studio furniture and unique works of art. I specialize in the fine arts of hand-cut Marquetry, Parquetry and Inlays, incorporating these into my furniture pieces. 

Marquetry is the art of creating an image using pieces of wood veneer. I carefully select each piece of veneer for color and how light reflects off the wood. After all the pieces are hand-cut, some as small as a grain of rice, I dip each piece in hot sand. This sand shading technique chars the wood and adds realism to the completed motif. In some designs, I use Parquetry to create geometric mosaic patterns, paying close attention to the grain direction and shimmer of the wood.

I work intimately with domestic and exotic woods, unique shells, stones and metals. These materials are alive with spirit, and I collaborate with the living essence of these natural materials as Iā€™m creating a piece. I hear their voices and allow them guide my hands and my heart. The results are one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are infused with a vibrancy which can be sensed by touch or sight.

I am not satisfied until a piece looks alive, almost living and breathing. I love how the marquetry or inlay image interacts with the piece of furniture, wrapped around or looking as if it's growing through the wood or piece of furniture. The challenge is to bring all these elements together in a balanced way when creating a piece of furniture. The final result is a piece that is telling a visual story and balanced in form, function and athstetics.